My Projects


March 2021 - April 2021

Final Project for CIS460: Interactive 3D world exploration and alteration program in the style of the popular game Minecraft.

Tech Stack: C++, OpenGL


Pingry COVID-19 Dashboard

August 2020 - Present

Centralized source of info about COVID statistics at the state, county, and internal levels. Aims to inform the Pingry community during the pandemic.

Tech Stack: React, Node, Express, MongoDB



September 2020

Built during PennApps XXI: Web app to help kids with Autism detect & practice sentiment and emotions during conversations.

Tech Stack: React, Node, MySQL, Google Cloud Natural Language API


Credit Card Rewards

May 2020

Manage all of your credit cards in one place. Maximize rewards & savings by calculating the best card to use for a given purchase.

Tech Stack: Swift, Objective-C, Google Firebase


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